Frequent Questions:

1. What are your shipping options?

We can ship anywhere! But we've got a wonderful offer we just created due to the high demand we're having... FREE Worldwide Shipping! We use to work on USA market, but it seems people like our products!

2. What is the order process?

 When we receive an order, the basic process time lapses between 48h - 72h. After that, we directly ship it to our costumer. You can look where your order is after the order is shipped on the order status page!

3. When will I receive my items after order date?

Due to a high demand on these last months we please ask for some patience with the order. Shipping depends on different variables as country regulations, custom holds, etcetera... It will usually be between 1 - 3 weeks (10 - 20 days) worldwide but be patient up to 4 weeks. For domestic shipping (USA), average shipment is about 15 days.

No matter what occurs, your order will be shipped and received! Just contact us in the Contact Us page if there's a problem.

4. If I ordered multiple items, will it be shipped separately or together?

We usually ship it all together. It may occur an exception in case one of the products has a delay production or a problem, in that case, the other products will be sent first to satisfy the costumer! No worries, the other product will be on the way!

5. Why are computer glasses so important?

Computer screens emit blue-light, this can damage your eyes on a long term. It's dangerous to spend a large daily period of time in front of screens. That's why, everyone has suffered strained and irritated eyes after a long time in front of a creen... The easiest way to pull out all those symptoms come to be the glasses we offer.

6. How does this glasses work?

Good question... Well, Blue-light Glasses are not typical glasses, their function is eliminate those daily irritated and strained eyes. They have an anti-reflective coating that highly reduce the glare from the screen while they also filter out the damaging Blue-Light.

If you have any more questions, please don't doubt in contacting us through the "Contact Us" page on the main menu.